The Social Ridesharing App

We are a ridesharing community connecting college students traveling between cities. Whether you are looking to travel home or travel to a big festival, we connect you to students traveling the same way!

Your Ridesharing Experience Made Simple

Whether you need or give a ride, Wahi Ride is creating a community where you can...


Share Costs

Split the costs of a gas for your trip. Save money compared to bus tickets or other forms of transportation.


Make New Friends

Get to know new people and connect with them while traveling. No need to be a lonely wolf!


Save The Planet

Put into practice your environmental conscience! Reduce emissions.

Connect. Share. Ride.

Don't have a car and want to travel?

Pick from a variety of drivers traveling to your same destination. Pick the time and the price that best suits you.

Have Extra Seats in Your Car?

Why travel alone when you can make some extra money and some new friends? Offer the available seats in your car.

Team Vision

We are creating a community where people go beyond sharing a ride and begin sharing experiences. Imagine a place where people looked beyond every human nuance and difference that divides and found every opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and more....


Jonny Petrucco, co-founder

Diego De La Hoz, co-founder

Give us a Shout! We are friendly and available to chat! If you have questions or feedback about the ridesharing community let us know!

If you have questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you!

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